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*Ding dong *
“Oh! Hi September!! How are you? Wow, I love that dress on you! Come on in. I’m sorry about the mess, I’ve been doing some cleaning. ”
” Some tea? Oh! You don’t take tea? How about some fresh squeezed lemonade? Ok, I’ll just be a second.”
“Here you go.”
” I don’t know why it feels like just yesterday that I saw you instead of a year ago. Anyway, I hope you’ve been well? ”
“That’s wonderful.”
“How’ve I been doing? Well, I guess its been a good year.”
” I haven’t changed too much, if that’s what you’re afraid of. In fact, I feel a little more…me. When we last met, I had all these expectations with starting a whole new chapter in my life.”
“No, most of them weren’t met. But I wasn’t as disappointed as you would think I would be.”

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i had to, reblog this ,it was tooo beautiful to not.

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For the longest time ever, I have never considered myself to have a favorite colour.
But now, I think do.

I like the fact that it does not necessarily command your attention like yellow and orange,
Neither is it as easy to write of as the drab grey.

It’s not as rowdy and opinionated as bleeding red,
Nor is it as spineless as the blue sky.

Its not pretentious like ivory which is not white, nor vermilion  which is not red, not to mention mauve which is not purple.

Its not as prissy as purple nor as girly as pink.

It doesn’t claim the purity of white,
Nor does it wallow in the darkness of black.

Green is what it is. Take it it leave it.
Yeah, I think I like green.

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. . . i celebrate . . . .


i celebrate the little but special moments we have shared. i celebrate the unclear moments we hav eqaully shared, and i celebrate the distance between us.

although all i want is to run, to jump, to crawl to you so that i could this feeling engulf who i am

but i cannot dare,not until i know that you too will dare.

and i hope soon i will celebrate our friendship, and our love.